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In his annual World Day of Peace message, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, spoke of “A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace.” He called on Catholics to care for one another as we promote human dignity, seek the common good, develop solidarity among people and nations, and care for and protect creation itself. By taking action, we can become the compass pointing to a common path for peace and a more humane future.

This year, you can be part of the “Culture of Care” by participating in the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal and directly impacting thousands of lives in Brooklyn and Queens. Your donation will allow us to build a better future for the Church while addressing the present needs of those in our communities, which no one parish or parishioner can do alone.

I am the Church, you are the Church, we are the Church, together!

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Our Campaign

  • $9.4 Million - Donations Received
    $8 Million - Our Goal

Impact of the Annual Catholic Appeal

Catholic Charities

The Annual Catholic Appeal provides critical support to Catholic Charities, allowing them to work for the people they serve with the love of Christ.

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Catholic Youth Initiative

The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the Catholic Youth Initiative, which provides funding for parishes to hire youth ministers.

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Faith Formation

The Annual Catholic Appeal funds training for those who teach religious education, give sacramental instruction and organize parish ministries.

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Hospital Chaplains

The Annual Catholic Appeal supports hospital chaplains, who bring the sacraments of the church to those who are ill.

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The Annual Catholic Appeal raises money to help build the Church, one vocation at a time.

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  • "As a Priest and School Chaplain,

    I want to give thanks to everybody who donates to the Annual Catholic Appeal for allowing me to realize my vocation and now to serve as a priest of God to His people in the Diocese of Brooklyn. The impact you have on the formation of priests through the Annual Catholic Appeal is real. I am evidence of this.”

    Fr. Ralph Edel, School Chaplain of St. Francis Prep.

  • "Giving to the Annual Catholic Appeal is rewarding…

    We’re very fortunate to be able to give to the Annual Catholic Appeal. We’re called to be good stewards and administrators of the benefits and the gifts that we get from God, and so in that context, we try to set aside something that is meaningful to the Brooklyn and Queens community and the Catholic Church.”

    The San Juan Family, Parishioners of Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen Parish, Brooklyn

  • "As a youth minister,

    I am here to work with the next generation of Catholics. I encourage you to support the Annual Catholic Appeal because I see the huge impact your gift has made on the individual young people I work with. Building a future for our parishes is a team effort and it’s something that we all need to do together. ”

    Christina Penaloza, Director of Youth and Young Ministry, St. Sebastian Church, Woodside

  • "As a mother of a teenager,

    I am so grateful to have a Youth Minister at my parish. This has allowed my daughter Ashley to grow closer to God and the church and to be involved in the Youth Ministry programs. Thank you to all those who donate to the Annual Catholic Appeal. It’s not just giving money, but it’s helping change the lives of our kids.”

    Deisy Jara Valladares, Mother of Youth Ministry Participant, St. Sebastian Parish, Woodside

Year-End Report to Donors

The Impact of Your Support

Our 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal Year-End Report gives a comprehensive picture of our donors’ investments in action. Thank you for all you do to help further the mission and ministries of the Church in Brooklyn and Queens.

ACA Report 2020 Our Generous Supporters

For Parishes: Download the Annual Catholic Appeal Assets