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Welcome to the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal: a journey of faith, unity, and purpose. This year, we are Called to Communion, Participation, and Mission – a powerful theme that encapsulates the essence of our shared commitment to make a meaningful impact.

Individually, none of us can fully address the needs of our diocese. However, when we come together, we have the power to accomplish remarkable things! The Annual Catholic Appeal offers us the chance to continue spreading Christ's love throughout Brooklyn and Queens, providing hope in the process.

This year, we urge you to become a beacon of light and hope for those facing challenges. Assume a leadership position by actively participating in the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal, setting a model of Christian stewardship for others to follow. Acknowledge the abundance in our lives and demonstrate gratitude through dedicated support for the mission and initiatives of the diocese, as they work tirelessly to bring the Gospel to those in greatest need.

If you choose to become a sustaining donor, opting for the "Recurring" option when pledging online, you will further advance the Church's mission. Your monthly commitment will automatically renew each year, offering convenience and efficiency, ensuring that more of your gift goes towards supporting the crucial ministries outlined on this webpage.

We appreciate your partnership in the Lord's work and invite you to join forces with your neighbors again in this year's Annual Catholic Appeal. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Who benefits from your donations? Watch these videos to learn more about the ministries supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal.

Our Campaign

  • $1.8 Million - Donations Received
    $8 Million - Our Goal

Impact of the Annual Catholic Appeal

Catholic Charities

The Annual Catholic Appeal provides critical support to Catholic Charities, allowing them to work for the people they serve with the love of Christ.

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Holy Spirit Institute

The Annual Catholic Appeal funds training for those who teach religious education, give sacramental instruction and organize parish ministries.

Grow the Faith ›

The Annual Catholic Appeal raises money to help build the Church, one vocation at a time.

Support Vocations ›
Catholic Youth Initiative

The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the Catholic Youth Initiative, which provides funding for parishes to hire youth ministers.

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School Chaplains

The Annual Catholic Appeal ensures School Chaplains can provide the spiritual support students, staff and their families need in their formative years.

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  • Called to Priesthood

    “As a seminarian at St. Joseph’s Seminary and College, I want to express my gratitude for the impactful support of the Annual Catholic Appeal on my path to priesthood. Recently ordained as a transitional Deacon, I deeply appreciate the crucial support from donors for Vocations in the Diocese of Brooklyn as I look forward to my upcoming priesthood ordination in June 2024 at the Cathedral Basilica of St. James in Brooklyn.”

    Tobechukwu “Toby” Offiah, Transitional Deacon, Diocese of Brooklyn

  • Faith Formation

    “As a catechist serving in my parish, I find immense fulfillment in sharing the richness of our faith with others. Guiding our children on their spiritual journey and witnessing their growth in understanding and love for God is truly rewarding. I am grateful for the excellent formation and education received from the Holy Spirit Institute, which is supported by the many donors of the Annual Catholic Appeal.”

    Henry Velastegui, Catechist

  • Catholic Charities

    “Having migrated to a new country, I found myself facing numerous challenges. Catholic Charities became my pillar of support, offering not only essential services but also a sense of community and understanding. Now, I’m inspired to give back. Volunteering my time with Catholic Charities is my way of paying forward the kindness I have received. Thank you to all the generous donors of the Annual Catholic Appeal who have impacted my life.”

    Kaelen Cordova Ramos, Catholic Charities Recipient

Year-End Report to Donors

The Impact of Your Support

Follow the link below to see our Annual Catholic Appeal Year-End Report, which gives a comprehensive picture of our donors’ investments in action. / Siga el enlace a continuación para ver nuestro Informe de fin de año de la Campaña Católica Anual, que brinda una imagen completa de las inversiones de nuestros donantes en acción.

ACA Report 2023

For Parishes: Download the Annual Catholic Appeal Resources