Migration Services

Going forward, a major focus of the Catholic Foundation will be to generate additional revenue for Catholic Migration Services (CMS). CMS represents the Church’s ministry to newcomers in its most concrete form by providing non-profit legal services and counseling to thousands of immigrants each year with particular emphasis on the following issues: immigration, housing and employment. Since its inception, the Ministry has served immigrants from at least 167 countries who, collectively, speak more than 80 languages.

The Facts

Through our funding of Catholic Migration Services, the Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens is committed to empowering underserved immigrant communities who are writing the next chapter in the history of our communities and our Diocese. The funding provided by the Catholic Foundation for Migration Services provides comprehensive pastoral, educational, advocacy and legal services to advance equality and social justice in a changing and diverse population.

The Goals

The boroughs of Brooklyn & Queens together account for over two-thirds of  New York City’s immigrant population. With offices in both Brooklyn and Queens, Catholic Migration Services is strategically located to assist those that need our assistance most, while promoting lay leadership in the church and sponsoring most of the multi-lingual Masses in the Diocese. Home to some of the country’s largest immigrant populations, the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens are well served by the church, but more can be done with your help.

Sponsorship Levels
Immigration In-House Clinics – $2,000

Provides legal assistance to 120 immigrants and representation in a wide range of affirmative applications for immigration relief.

Monthly Housing Workshops – $1,000

Provides legal advice to approximately 200 immigrants to improve the living conditions of low-income, immigrant tenants in Brooklyn and Queens.

Workers Rights Hotline – $500

Provides a call center for up to 90 calls per month for workers to learn about their labor rights and report abuses.

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