Youth Ministry 2023

A recent in pew survey reported that 78% of Catholics that leave the church do so between the ages of 15 and 23. The Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens wishes to enhance the present and future mission of the Catholic Church by reaching out to the multi-cultural youth of our Diocese through effective and comprehensive youth ministry.

Our goal is to provide each parish with the resources, training and funding to engage our young people and help encourage them to consider becoming active, practicing Catholics who will one day lead and serve our beloved Church.

By pledging financial support in favor of Youth Evangelization, donors can help secure the future of the Catholic Church in Brooklyn and Queens one pew at a time.

The Challenge
  • Empty pews in our churches.
  • The Youth are our future.
  • Young people are not involved in the church.
  • Lack of youth engagement on the parish level.
  • Insufficient funding of youth initiatives.
  • Few faith building programs after Confirmation.
  • Confusion about Catholic teachings, tradition & morality.
The Facts
  • 78% of Catholics that leave the church are ages 15-23.
  • 68% of Catholics are not returning to be married in a Catholic Church.
  • 26,000 less people attend Mass in the Diocese of Brooklyn today than six years ago.
  • On average 56% of Catholics in the diocese are part of a family with children under age 18.
The Solution
  • Develop a Diocesan wide program to support parishes in the area of youth evangelization.
  • Professionally train youth ministers and teams to coordinate effective and sustainable youth ministry in every parish of the Diocese of Brooklyn.
  • Provide the essential tools to engage youth in the life of the Church.
The Goals
  • Fill the pews of our churches with the next generation.
  • Develop the necessary foundation for teens to remain engaged in the life of the Church through adulthood.
  • Increase the presence of youth at Mass by ministering to them, with them and for them.