ACA Spotlight- Russell Johnson

My name is Russell Johnson and I’m a member of the Stewardship Committee at Our Lady of Light Parish which includes the churches of St. Pascal and St. Catherine of Siena. I was baptized at St. Pascal 56 years ago and my mom and dad who have since passed were members of St. Pascal since 1960. I want to tell you about what stewardship means to me.

I know some may think stewardship is just about giving your money each week to the church. And yes, that is part of it, but as noted in the Bible it is about giving your time, talent, and treasure. Throughout my life, God has blessed me in so many ways. He has always made a way when I thought there was no way to be made. If I was at my end mentally, physically, and financially, he has always picked me up to keep moving forward.  Years ago, doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to have children. This was most devastating to me as I always dreamed of being a father and having a family. At first, I was angry, then disappointed, and then just accepted it. Then, a couple of years later I met my wife and now we have three beautiful children!

I knew from then how important it is for me to make a real commitment to God, my parish, and to the diocese. I know that whatever I give to God and my church community, would never amount to what God has given me. But I give my time by being on various church committees, my talent by singing in the choir, and my treasure by giving financially each year to the Annual Catholic Appeal.

This is my story and I’m sure each of you have a story of how God has blessed you.   If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, heat and hot water, and people that love you, God has blessed you. My parish and my diocese mean so much to me. I want to continue my family’s legacy here so that my children and my children’s children also have a church home.  Please consider giving to the Annual Catholic Appeal as any amount over our parish goal comes right back to our parish.