Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative Application Guidelines

Year IX Application Guidelines

for the Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative

Application Opens: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Deadline for Submission: Saturday, February 15, 2020

  1. Applications are for funding the salary and salary related expenses (ex: benefits) of a part-time or full-time youth minister. Costs for local activities, use of space, etc. are the responsibility of the applying parish(es).
  2.  By submitting an application, the commitment of applying parish(es) is to implement a comprehensive youth ministry program as outlined by the Office of Faith Formation over a three year period and beyond. This will also entail participation in mandatory workshops during each year. A schedule will be provided upon approval.
  3. Upon grant approval, the job search process for a qualified youth minister must be conducted immediately by the participating parish(es). The start date is Sept. 1.
  4. Awards will be granted in a range from $7,500 to $20,000 per parish per year for a three year period based on:
    • The potential number of youth who will participate
    • The number of parishes included on the application
    • The identified need for a full-time or part-time minister
  5. The grant is renewable for an additional three-year period at a minimum rate of 50% of the original grant amount.
  6. Workday professional development sessions are critical to the initiative. Preference will be given to applications where the proposed youth minister is available during the day.
  7. For multi-parish grants, one parish must serve as the point of contact and will thus be the hiring entity and the recipient of the funding.
  8. A progress report will be required twice a year and may include onsite visits.
  9. Grant payments will be made in two installments as follows:
    • First payment (50% of grant amount) – October
    • Second payment (up to 50% of grant amount based on actual cost) – March
  10. Priority will be given to parishes in under-represented deaneries.
  11. Grant applicants must be current on all Diocese of Brooklyn Safe Environment requirements.

The submitted application will be reviewed by a committee who will make funding recommendations to Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens. The Foundation will notify applicants of the final decision on or before May 31, 2020.


Please note: If you are accepted, all participating pastors/administrators must attend a kickoff meeting at Immaculate Conception Center 7200 Douglaston Parkway, Douglaston, New York 11362 in June 2020.