Remember the Catholic Foundation during Thanksgiving and Christmas

With Thanksgiving and Christmas rapidly approaching, I hope this edition of “New Developments” will serve as a simple reminder for everyone to include The Catholic Foundation in your prayers for our programs and institutions and that you consider a year-end gift to the Catholic Foundation in support of Catholic Migration Services, Catholic Youth Ministry or Caholic Communications at this time by clicking here

During these trying times when corporate dollars are cut, charities have an obligation to demonstrate not only need but a constituency dedicat Private dollars are now more important than ever. Your generosity at this time is so critical. Our fundraising efforts support so many worthy causes like the followings vignettes:



Your year-end gift will allow DeSales Media to continue to provide top-notch articles and features through our Catholic faith via the Diocese’s weekly Catholic newspaper, The Tablet. Additionally, a gift at this time will allow for cutting-edge television programs on NET and stat-of-the-art Catholic websites and social media.

Time and time again, supporters of the Catholic Foundation have answered the call. In 2013, you, and so many others like you, generously contributed to the above-mentioned programs that makes the Brooklyn Diocese shine and become the benchmark around our great nation.

Please again answer our call and support our efforts with a gift at this time. The Catholic Foundation will continue our fundraising to provide for the programs that are synonymous with our Catholic faith. If you have already contributed, thank you and I hope this column will inspire you to do so again and again by clicking here.

Additionally, please act as a messenger for us and let your family, friends and colleagues know about the Catholic Foundation. The secret is out – together, we can make a difference and buttress the support of the Church.

By contributing now, your commitment demonstrates that the work supported by the Catholic Foundation will continue to shape generations that follow. Furthermore, it allows the Foundation to approach corporations and foundations who often review donor participation rates before deciding upon which non-profits to support.

The Foundation tries to make giving extremely easy by allowing you to click here.

Please support the Catholic Foundation with a year-end gift at this time. Not only will you be making an immediate impact in Brooklyn and Queens, but you also will be continuing a legacy that has lasted for generations throughout our Diocese.

I hope that you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving and very merry Christmas! God bless!

Nick Vendikos, KHS

Director of Development

P.S. If you are interested in joining the Fons Vitae Society by making a planned gift to the Catholic Foundation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Catholic Migration Services, Catholic Communications or for other endowment purposes, please contact us at 718-965-7375.