Stewardship Forum | Continuing the Journey

On Wed, October 30th donors that contributed to the Generations of Faith Campaign attended a Stewardship Forum event that explained in detail the impact of the Diocese-wide campaign with an emphasis on parish-specific goals. Pastor/Administrators and Priests from 95 parishes were represented at the Forum.

The Generations of Faith Campaign was launched in 2015 and has flourished in parishes throughout the Diocese. With an original goal of $80 million GOF has raised $128 million in pledges and has now surpassed the original goal receiving 88 million in collections.

Individual Parish Impact Reports for all major GOF donors were handed out at the event. The Parish Impact Reports were individualized for every donor and Pastor/Administrator, and included the GOF case component for the parish, pictures of the capital renovations and special projects or Youth ministry from each parish, and included -Parish GOF goal, -Parish GOF pledge, -Parish GOF collected, -Amount remitted to Parish ACA goal, -Amount pledged and paid to Parish Youth Evangelization and Senior Priest Shares, -Amount pledged and paid to the individual parish for Parish Special Projects or Renovations.

With Thomas Kissane as moderator, the panel consisted of Msgr. John Bracken; Agnes De Freitas, a Generations of Faith volunteer; Angelica Taveras, a full time Catholic Youth Minister; and John Notaro, Executive Director of Catholic Foundation.

A video, Generations of Faith Continuing the Journey was shown to further illustrate the impact of the campaign, emphasizing the success of our groundbreaking Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative – a GOF program that provides on-site support to parishes through funding the salaries of Youth Ministers.

It was announced to the donors that for the first time, the Catholic Youth Ministry program will be included as one of the ministries supported by the funds raised in our Annual Catholic Appeal. Insuring that the future of the Church in Brooklyn and Queens is strong for the next generation and beyond.