Youth Evangelization > Instant Gratification

Nick Vendikos

A columnist recently wrote that the most cited phrase to describe this current generation is “instant gratification.” He wrote that kids today are not willing to climb the corporate ladder or begin at the bottom and work their way up. If they can’t start as the president of Nike or Google, some move on to other aspirations. They are constantly moving from job to job, or relationship to relationship, aimlessly looking for personal satisfaction at that very moment with no long-range goals set.

In order to change that “Me First” culture, the Catholic Foundation funded the launch of the Youth Evangelization Program in 2012. Its main goal is to restore the connection of faith in our parishes in Brooklyn and Queens with today’s youth. The hope is to give them a sanctuary for meaningful reflection in their lives and to contemplate their futures. Getting young adults involved in parish life is crucial for the vibrancy of our church. Not only will they become active parishioners and community leaders, they will, hopefully, bring others back to the church to get involved.

In fact, our capital campaign, Generations of Faith, whose goal is $80 million and as of Fourth of July weekend has already raised $40 million, will allocate $10 million to this important program.

The program currently being implemented is a comprehensive youth ministry approach which will pay for a youth minister and provide on going resources and professional development. Simply, getting our youth back in the daily life of their parishes and into a service above self mindset will ensure that our next generation will be greater than instant gratification.

For more information about the Youth Evangelization Program or to support Generations of Faith, please do not hesitate to contact me at 718-965-7375 ext. 1624 or via e-mail at